Classic New England Style Homes

The English style is often compared to classical — it same sustained and elegant, demands big space and certain capital investments. But, as we more than once spoke, in the modern world it is very difficult to maintain all traditions of one style in the apartment or the house so that it looked naturally and was functional.

Therefore we decided to remember the basic elements inherent in the English interiors. Using in the dwelling only a little from them, you will introduce a certain British charm to the house. Ahead of you wait for the examples based not only on the English interiors, but also on those which are executed by method of mixture of styles.

Sofa Chesterfield

The model of this sofa enjoys unusual popularity around the world. The characteristic form and quilted elements do it such unlike all others. It becomes frequent this subject of an interior accent in the room. If you want to emphasize even more its English origin, let it it will be made in an upholstery of dark leather.


What Classic New England Style Homes house can be without fireplace. In the conditions of rather cool climate this element of an interior becomes one of the most demanded. Around a fireplace in a drawing room often gather for a family or friendly sit-round gathering. In England fireplaces most often real, but not electric, are revetted with a stone or a tree. To it sofas in a drawing room are turned. In our country most often the TV therefore you can hang up the plasma TV over a fireplace becomes such semantic center.

Home library

Practically any English house does not do without library. It can be the whole certain room, or just open rack in all height on one of walls. It is preferable to make regiments of a natural tree. The couple of convenient chairs, a floor lamp for reading and a coffee table will become quite good addition to a home library.

Contrast ladder

If at your house there is a ladder, you can quite execute it in the English style too. For this purpose it is necessary to make a ladder of a natural tree and to paint a framework between steps or a handrail white color. At the same time steps will remain dark color of a natural tree. This especially refined contrast will give to a ladder the English charm.

Convenient chairs and plank beds

In houses in the Classic New England Style Homes of the place there is a lot of. For this reason owners have an opportunity nearly in each room to have such home decoration as chairs with banquettes and convenient plank beds. They always look very stylishly and emphasize the status of the house and its owners. It is desirable to carry out upholstery of this home decoration in skin or dense qualitative fabric. Also quilted upholstery is welcomed.

The special attention is deserved by a chimney chair. The chair is usually upholstered with velvet, the chenille or skin, with a high back and curved legs. Executed taking into account all latest technological processes, a chair, as well as two hundred years ago, does on springs. Pillows are softened by a filler layer from natural duck down or a feather. The framework of a chair is made of the massif of wood with use of connection of parts on new technology. The main stroke of such chair – soft armrests rollers.

Use of red color in an interior

British very much love red, saturated and too bright. It often is present at textiles. You can execute in such color an upholstery of furniture, a pillow, a curtain at windows or to use impurity of red color in carpets or plaids.

Cage and dense vegetable pattern

The cage became one of the most widespread and recognizable ornaments in the English style. Use it in textiles, but you remember that this geometrical drawing rather noticeable and active in respect of emotional influence therefore know when to stop in its application.