Choosing a wardrobe in the hallway. 6 comfortable wardrobes for hallway.

1. Sliding door wardrobes
The most popular solution for today — sliding door wardrobe, covering one of the walls in the hallway. This is a great option for a small hallway where every inch counts, use of sliding door wardrobe with sliding doors will significantly save space, and large amounts of help in place separate clothes, shoes, hats and accessories.
Tip: The ideal depth of the cabinet attain to the level of 60 cm (the width of the shoulder of the hanger), but if a small hall, and can be ordered cabinet 40 cm in depth — in a closet can accommodate cross bar and not longitudinal.

2. Corner wardrobes
Built-in corner wardrobes in the hallways completely solve the problem of space for outdoor clothes and footwear. This furniture is so roomy and ergonomic that your entrance will certainly look spacious and neat. This option of wardrobe is suitable for hallways of square shape, but in the long narrow hallways such wardrobe should be avoided, it is best to put a wardrobe along one wall. Often corner wardrobes are divided into 2 zones: a zone with open shelves and hooks, as well as the area with a closed facade, which houses the bulky outdoor clothes.

3. Cabinets with closed facades
Cabinets with closed facades resemble cabinet-kicked. Things in such cabinets are hidden from prying eyes and even if everything inside is scattered, your visitors do not see. These cabinets differ from the sliding door wardrobes in a way that opens the door.
Of course, the sliding door wardrobe is more compact, but the cabinet with opening doors will look much better in the classical interiors — with exquisite wood carvings, elegant metal handles and beautiful upper cornice

4. Cabinets with open facade
Open facades of the cabinet in the hallway has a number of advantages — clothes can be easily removed from the hooks and battling is thrown over his shoulders, shoes easy to get out of the drawer (or baskets standing on the lower level). Moreover, such an option is to fit into a small hallway — due to the fact that the facades are not deaf, like a closet, visually this cabinet will seem much smaller. But do not forget about that when choosing this cabinet you will need to constantly monitor the cleanliness and order.

5. Cabinets with seats
It is very convenient when in the hallway is where to sit — it can be as folding chair, and a roomy comfortable sofa — it all depends on the size of your room. Thanks to the cabinets with open shelves and hooks, it is fashionable to allocate a place where it will be convenient to put on one’s shoes or just sit down to wait for the one who is going for a long time. The only thing to remember when choosing a cabinet with open shelves that all its contents will be visible to visitors and members of the household, and therefore perfect order — compulsive.

6. Cabinets in the niche
If in the layout of your apartment or house in the hallway is provided a niche — you can without exaggeration be congratulated. In this embodiment, the layout, the cabinet will be hidden in the deepening of the niche and does not occupy a useful place in a small hallway. If the niche is not provided, the designers still occasionally offer to build a frame for the cabinet in the hallway, having painted lateral walls in the color of the walls — so better to fit into the cabinet space and the hall will look quite harmoniously within it.