Choice of Finishes and Design ceiling.

In today’s variety of finishing materials for ceilings, many still choose conventional whitewashing and paint. Although the options with which you can make a ceiling the original and beautiful enough. This does not mean that the traditional and the simplest methods are obsolete and no longer used. Not at all, today it is fashionable all. The main thing — to withstand the line style and a sense of proportion. Let’s talk about what options are finishing the ceiling and design are the most popular today.

Decorating and Design of the ceiling:

Plasterboard on the ceiling
The most common way to finish ceilings in our time — a lining of plasterboard and create original complex structures that make the ceiling a major interior decoration.

Plasterboard — a solution for those who want to add an additional room of sound insulation. This material controls the atmosphere in the room, absorbing excess moisture and heat savings.
Drywall can be cut out completely any form that allows you to design an exclusive multi-level ceiling. Lack of drywall that in humid its use impractical, so the bathroom is better to choose other materials.
Decorating and design of ceiling: stretch ceilings
Stretch ceilings are made of a special PVC film, affixed to the frame around the perimeter of the room called baguette. Effect tie, uniform fabric obtained by heating the film of special equipment. Stretch ceiling is often combined with other overhead structures that allows you to create unique design.

Advantages of a stretch ceiling — quick installation, long-term follow-up operation, the lack of preparatory work on the ceiling.

Tiles made of polystyrene on the ceiling
Tiles made of polystyrene — is the easiest way to repair the ceiling, which can easily hold their own hands, and with minimal investment. Modern tile Polystyrene is light. Manufacturers produce tiles of different colors and patterns. However, there are so-called seamless ceiling tile, drawing whose visually seamlessly moves from one tile to another, creating the illusion of a single ceiling coverings.

You can often hear the opinion that a material such as polystyrene, not very environmentally friendly to interior decoration, but in practice the harm from him as much as on vinyl wallpaper or oil paint.
In addition to making the ceiling of the external aesthetic appearance, this tile has the properties of insulation and is not afraid of moisture. It can be used in the bathroom and the kitchen.