Cape Style Home Interior Design Ideas

The ecological interior made of natural materials, giving feeling of freshness and a unification with the nature is one of the most popular modern styles in design of premises now.

The sense of cape consists in the name. The interior executed in this way optimum is in harmony with the environment. In the eco-friendly room of people can feel all advantages of natural materials and it is valid have a rest from the stuffy city.

The interior in cape is, first of all, free space, it is a lot of air and light.


For finishing of walls there is rather wide choice of natural materials. Preference can be given to wooden panels. Or to use a stopper or a bamboo. Habitual paper wall-paper also will be suitable for ecological style. In this case it is better to glue monophonic. If you choose wall-paper with the drawing, then it has to be vegetable and not striking. It is possible to trim walls with a ceramic tile of a natural shade and the natural invoice or a finishing stone.

By the way Cape Style Home Interior Design Ideas

, the most available option at the price meeting the requirements of cape is gypsum cardboard which is covered with plaster and then paint in neutral color.

As well as any finishing, a floor covering it has to be made only of natural materials too. And here options not so are not enough. From a parquet board, a bamboo or a stopper to a stone and a terracotta tile. On a floor the strong and durable rug from a bamboo will look very stylishly. Also natural woolen carpets and paths will approach.

The ceiling in a what interior has to be or from wooden panels, or represent a combination of wooden beams to the light tension or whitewashed ceiling.


It is possible to play in an ecological interior on contrast of flowers. Warm shades of a tree – beige, brown and white – well contrast with black or dark. But most often in cape use natural harmony of natural color combinations: tree, stone, grass, water, earth. They are most habitual for our eyes and do not overload an interior.

It is possible to vary color in different rooms Cape Style Home Interior Design Ideas

. In the dining room bright golden shades of a tree can prevail. In a drawing room, especially if it is a little darkish, it is better to give preference to a combination of a light tree, white with shades. Such color option not only is given by the smart appearance to the simplest interior, but also promotes a relaxation. In a study it is possible to use the shades inherent in a tree and a stone. Their combination looks and is effective, and is brutal.


Lighting has to be good and the most natural. «First of all, it is necessary to refuse a chandelier in the center of the room, – the designer Svetlana Semenova considers. – Luminescent illumination on perimeter – too not the most ideal option. It is better to think over multilevel composition from local light sources. From the decorative point of view plafonds in the form of a sphere, and also lamp shades from white fabric will be suitable for lamps opaque glass, with a structural surface,».


Furniture has to be a little. It is impossible to overload an interior as it demands free space. Furniture is deliberately simple, keeps strict forms and shows a structural surface of a tree. It does not need luster.

The furniture and from the bleached poplar, and from brown wenge is urgent. Simply and elegantly the wicker furniture looks. The comfort and coziness to an cape will be added by various soft pillows from natural fabrics of monophonic flowers and the same furniture covers.

For doorways the facilitated doors from the massif or a door from a wooden interline interval are desirable. It is possible to add glass interroom doors in a wooden frame, curtains from the «beads» made of cockleshells or bamboo sticks.