Bungalow House Design In The Philippines With Floor Plan.

Initially constructions of a bungalow were built in Bengal. The first bungalows were constructed in the eighteenth century. Colonists from Britain arrived to the Indian province. For arrangement of British unpretentious one-storage lodges with flat roofs and low ceilings were built.

At the end of the nineteenth century of a bungalow began to build in North America. At the beginning of the 20th century of a bungalow became a widespread format of housing in California.


The main principle in a Bungalow House Design In The Philippines With Floor Plan is the rational organization of space and compact planning. Typical planning solution in a bungalow is an arrangement of auxiliary rooms around a drawing room. The minimum quantity of details, laconicism and simplicity of internal furniture, primitiveness in furniture forms, rough invoices, fullness light and air are characteristic of interiors of a bungalow.

In finishing of rooms natural materials are applied. As the main material for finishing serves the wood. For finishing of a floor we use a wooden board and a carpet. Decorative plasters, wall-paper from natural fibers, interior paint are applied to finishing of walls.

Walls can be decorated imitation of bricklaying with wooden levels. The fireplace in a drawing room is decorated stone or bricklaying.

Pieces of furniture are made of a bamboo and a rattan. If accessories are made of metal or plastic, then they have to have utilitarian appointment and not be evident.

In registration of interior natural colors prevail. Rich yellow color symbolizes the sun, white is associated with the beach or the desert, blue color brings sea breezes and embodies purity of the sky, green color appeals to flora. In a small amount it is possible to add claret or violet color.


The inhabited space in a bungalow is not overloaded with decorative elements. An interior of the apartment or house in style of a bungalow it is possible to issue several objects a hand-made. Textiles are selected in natural color scale. Pay attention to products of sand and grassy shades, terracotta and brown tones.

For registration of windows we select wooden blinds, curtains from rough fabric or easy curtains from organza. The note of vegetable freshness will be brought by cache-pots with flowers.


The bungalow can be considered as a branch of colonial style. The bungalow is a format of housing, stylistics of registration of an interior and a certain way of life. Style of a bungalow imposes judges of a laconic and simple situation, rural way of life. If you want to live in harmony with the nature and to find privacy, issue the house in style of a bungalow.