Design ideas of home in a farmhouse style: the delightful exterior and comfortable interior design
Elegant farmhouse style wins the hearts of fans with its comfort and usage of simple and organic shapes in the interior design. The main difference — it is the simplicity and brevity of the scenery, which borders with a homey feel and a casual decor.

Almost every house can have this atmosphere, regardless of location and the landscape that surrounds it. Rustic design allows to turn even minimalism into a cozy environment and nondescript at first glance, item — to emphasize.
One of the convenient features of farm style is flexibility that allows you to decorate your house with your personal property collections, exclusive jewelry and vintage furniture set. Just tend to use a lot of windows in a design that would allow users to enjoy open views of the surrounding area, because, as a rule, these houses are in a quiet suburb, or rural area, surrounded by nature and harmonious landscape.

Redesign of the exterior
Particular attention should be paid to the design of facades, definition of architectural elements should be highlighted. But decor should be as unobtrusive easy and relaxed as possible. The main feature is the porch, where the owners have the opportunity to soak up the outdoors. The classic and timeless solution enables to set the tone for the rest of the house, if the space does not allow to establish a large veranda, located around the entire structure — you can build a compact patio or balcony.
Fill out your patio with a couple of rocking chairs, wild flowers in pots, shrubs of chic roses. A good option would be the location of the vines: vines, creepers, which will envelop retaining pillars. Another effective way: equip patio with lanterns. Such lighting devices are most appropriate for this style.

Wooden shell
Every day wood accents are becoming more popular, and this material is the main component that makes the posh house so unusual and unique. Using a lining of wood floors and beamed ceilings highlights and accentuates the classic collage. The organic material has another advantage: even with the passage of time, the appearance does not lose its aesthetic appeal, but on the contrary, the changes appear to be more effective. Cautiously add stone and concrete, otherwise you can ruin the whole image, turning it into a completely different picture.

In addition to the traditional French doors and windows, make sure the glass area match the style of suburban housing. Modern transparent partitions spoil the naturalness and change the theme design. Furniture made of natural wood as a wonderful way to add to the atmosphere of warmth.