Best Type Of Window Tint For Homes


Modern construction technologies give the chance not to limit the imagination in registration of a facade of the house, an exterior of office building, and also a premises interior. Any non-standard forms, coloring, invoices and materials became available to construction and repair now. Same most concerns also metalplastic windows. The question interests many, what is better: brown or white plastic windows?

Best Type Of Window Tint For Homes:brown plastic windows, color windows, the laminated windows

Standard white rectangles which are widespread presently can be replaced with color windows of non-standard forms, flowers and shades now. Besides, not always white color is pertinent in registration of an interior and appearance of the building. The refined type of color windows will make individual the house with any architecture.

Color plastic windows are made by a lamination – gluing of a colored strong film on one or on both parties of a window profile. Most often the colored film is applied on a white metalplastic profile. But some films can be applied on a profile of brown or light brown color. In that case when opening a window there will be no white gap, as in a case with a lamination of a white profile. Therefore, answering a question, brown or white plastic windows to take for a lamination, it is necessary to tell that the first option will be more acceptable (of course, taking into account desirable color).

Advantages of the laminated windows

— Beautiful appearance of windows gives the chance to allocate the house against the background of the others;

— Variety of flowers and invoices of a film;

— Lamination «under a tree» gives the chance to receive metalplastic windows the most similar to wooden fellows, but at much smaller price;

— On the strong laminating film there is no scratch left or chips at insignificant mechanical influences;

— The film does not lose appearance at influence of direct sunshine, is not afraid of moisture or temperature drops;

— The laminated windows will keep original state within 20 years.

brown plastic windows, color windows, the laminated windows

The cost of the laminated windows

The price of Best Type Of Window Tint For Homes brown windows or metalplastic windows, are covered with a film of any other color, will be not much more standard white. The cost of the laminated windows averages 10-20% more from usual profiles.

In what house of type you live: panel, block, brick, wooden, monolithic?

The type of the house influences the choice of a profile, installation of a window and its arrangement concerning slopes.

In what climatic zone there is your house and what lower value of air temperature in the winter?

The heat-insulating properties of windows measured by an indicator of resistance to RO heat transfer depend on it. In different climatic conditions this indicator has standard value, respectively at the choice of a window it is necessary to compare an indicator of the specific producer to the standard existing now (standards change depending on changes of technologies of construction of houses).

For example, at the settlement air temperature of -5 °C the average standard value of resistance to a heat transfer will make 0,18 ms/W, at -25 °C – 0,52, and at -55 °C – 0,77. In other words, in the southern areas where temperature does not fall below — 10 °C, are not obligatory to put windows at all for Far North which, besides, are more expensive.