Bedroom interior in contemporary style

Pithiness of forms
If you have to choose the right furniture for such a case, you should pay attention to things deprived of pomposity of flowing lines that are used in large quantities in the historical styles (Empire, Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau).

Instead, you need to purchase items with sharp outlines of silhouettes and a minimum of decoration: rectangular dressers, stools with upholstered seat on simple graceful legs, comfortable recliners with a pleasant touch, practical upholstery. The bed, though it is the center of the room can be quite low-key, although high headboard framed composition of the paintings, mirrors or decorative wall panels are welcome.

Freedom of sensations
As mentioned earlier, a bedroom in the modern sense — it’s easy, in no way cluttered room. By the number of used furniture, it can resemble a dwelling of ascetics, in which the purity of space comes to the fore even windows can be not curtained, or on the basis of convenience to contain dense functional curtains without tulle swags to protect the room during the hours of the night or day sleep.
Often, walls in such a bedroom are made using paint and wallpaper of monochrome shades, after which they are virtually not decorated by anything. The same can be said about the flooring and the further use of floor space: it is appropriate to lay fitted carpet or a large soft carpet on top of the laminate.

In modern bedroom it is in charge of all the furnishings, as well as the layout of parquet boards, wall panels and even the ratio of drawing in textiles pillows and blankets.

If luminaire is suspended on the ceiling, then it is strictly at the center. On both sides of the bed there are the same bedside tables, and on the opposite — a chest of drawers with a large picture or monitor on top. The foot by the laws of symmetry is crowned with stool, puffs or mini-sofa. But none of the items should not «live their lives» struggling out of the total rate of the room where all the furnishings are cooperating.

Neutral palette of colors at the base
Choosing modern sound of the bedroom interior, be prepared for the fact that the basic colors for it should be muted neutral shades of beige, plum, smoky, black, yellow, brown, pale blue, gray-brown.

In fact, this gamma seems oppressive and fresh only at first glance, since in fact the environment is very practical for daily use, you can always supplement the basic palette with contrasting more «vibrant» colors: gold, burgundy, purple, cobalt, grass, pink. At the same time, screaming, strange combinations will not be appropriate, and will be a bad choice for a modern bedroom.