Bedroom in the Provence style: decoration tips

Natural materials
To understand where starts Provence you should use your imagination and imagine a a pleasing land, filled with pristine beauty of rural landscapes of France. It is necessary to imagine cute, cozy houses, whose walls are just plastered, ceilings are decorated with wood beams, and everywhere there are the same natural floors. Therefore, in decoration of the bedroom interior in the style of Provence, it is necessary to use natural, only slightly treated wood (probably painted by one layer of paint):

• for flooring real boardwalk, laminate;

• for ceiling decor — beams, ceiling cassette;

• in articles of furniture cabinets, chests, chairs and ottomans, beds, dressing tables made of natural wood;

• wood paneling and decoration of the bedside on the walls.
In the classic variant walls are lined only with a rough plaster, through which was visible the masonry. Today, the walls can be decorated less radical, by papering them with neutral embossed wallpapers or wallpapers with barely noticeable floral pattern in the tone.
Stone or ceramic tile are also evidence of the presence of the style of Provence. In the bedroom, you can clad the floor with them (or part thereof), walls, windows or doorways. And metal can be used as a light forged pieces of furniture, fittings (door handles and hinges, locks) or decor.

• Pastel gamma
As was mentioned above, a bedroom in the style of Provence — it is rhythm, warmth and comfort, but they are possible in a room where nothing irritates the eye, neither form nor color.

So, to bring features of the style in the bedroom, you must choose:
• milky, beige (sand), light — yellow, coffee with milk for the walls;
• white or color of the eggshell for the ceiling;
• light gray, wood for floor;
• pastel shades (blue, pistachio, lavender, light citric, salad, wheat) for a furniture upholstery and textiles.
• Elegant furniture

Bedroom furniture in the eponymous style, is given much attention, and here it should be with carved wooden elements, or with sophisticated wrought iron accents in the form of ornate headboard and legs.
Silhouettes of furniture should be chosen of ordinary rectangular shapes. If cabinets are installed in the bedroom, they are most often made of wood (or MDF) with paneled flaps of doors, neat handles. It is noteworthy that storage furniture in the style of Provence is raised to support legs and painted light (white, cream) shade of paint, followed by the application of decorative layers of patina, typical for the effect of «aged thing».

Bed — a central object in the interior of a bedroom and an elegant carved headboard, and the same footboard are its calling cards. Around the bed are place rest of the furniture:
• tables, required in complete with the bed;
• dressing table at the opposite wall or near the window — a coveted object for any woman’s bedroom;
• chest of drawers, also with a characteristic texture, adorned in decorative decoupage technique.