BEDROOM DESIGNS ideas. How to decorate the bedroom of a young girl.

Highlight the main zones
We have already talked about the need of judicious use of space of the room for the girl, because in addition to the basic problem (place for rest) other expectations will be borne on the premises . For example, there have to be an area for clothes, preferably in the form of a solid construction with drawers, shelves and rods for shrinkable clothes. Another major area should be a work zone — with a desk and a comfortable chair.

These three zones are required even in a small room, but when the space is large enough, it is possible to install additional furniture for reading, music lessons, sewing, meetings with friends.

Zoning of girl’s bedroom is recommended to be performed in the following way:
• Cloakroom or area with a small sofa can be closer to the door
• The bed is best to be set in the center of the room, away from the door
• Put the desk near the window
Decorative screen, curtains, shelving will help to visually separate bedroom and dressing area from the work and guest areas.

Make sleeping area
Whatever it was, but the bed is playing the main role in any bedroom, so there is an appropriate attention paid to the bed for the rest. In the room of a young girl it is important to install just a bed, not a sofa bed. Let it be a single bed, but it’s good if it has a beautiful headboard, sides supplemented by a pair of pedestals with decorative trim light.
Depending on the location of the bed and the shape of the room, at the foot can be set banquette, chest of drawers, ottomans, or a mini-sofa for friends.
Organize a zone for receiving guests
As a senior pupil or student of the initial years of university, your maturing daughter wants to invite her friends. Therefore, arrangement of separate area for guests, albeit small, will help the girl to feel confident and independent. In the spacious bedroom you can use a soft whole group mini-sofa and chairs and poufs, and in the smaller room it is better to place a graceful love seat, bench seat with a soft, bean bags.

Place for your desktop
Ideally, the girl should spend time making homework in the lightest zone of the room, near the window or on the balcony.
But it so happens that the location of the desktop on the opposite side is no less comfortable and familiar. At the same time, our advice is — a well-organized lighting, ergonomic furniture and distance from the front door.

About color scheme
A girlish room does not have to be candy-pink, lavender or powdery-cream, it is a recommendation, followed if desired or necessary, to extend the borders of a small space.

Bedroom of a modern girl can be bright and neutral, traditional or fancy. But, in any case, as the basic background for the walls, floor and ceiling is best to choose a white, light blue, gray, ivory, wood.
Furnished with the basic color scheme bedroom will be able to withstand all the whims and wishes of the young girl, and you eliminate the need for frequent cosmetic repair of the room.