Bathroom in blue color

Blue — is a very beautiful color, it is always in fashion, combined with a variety of different colors and is associated with aristocracy. Despite the fact that the blue color has become one of the most respected between people of different income and age, it poses a puzzle and is quite complex with respect to the psychological impact.

Blue to blue — discord
Of course, that fascinating color is not limited with two or three shades, and can contain both cold and warm colors, and be diluted with a green, gray, silver or purple.

Known fact that a distinctive feature of the blue is relaxation, so it is perfect for people leading an active lifestyle and extroverts full of emotions. Bathroom in blue, in this case, would be a kind of oasis of colors that relax and save energy.

If you are concerned that too dark shade of blue, for example, dark cobalt or the color of the night sky will oppress and make the room dark, refer to the lighter variations: Use cornflower blue (light blue, warm), gray-blue (lighter shade of blue with gray tint) or ultramarine (blue with purple or purple hue).

Bright light shades of blue for the bathroom are especially good because they evoke associations with the sea and water in particular. If you wish to create a piece of sea landscape in their own bathroom, choose among turquoise, azure blue or aqua, they are good in solo performance and application in one interior.

Proper lighting
It is not enough only to choose the right shade of blue, it is necessary also to know how to use light in such a room. Inside the bathroom, the interior of which is decorated in blue color, be sure to use warm (yellowish) scattered light. With it, even a dark room will be much more comfortable and therefore warmer visually.
The scattered, need to make the flow of light from the lamp because it is the blue surface of the walls or furniture will be perceived softer and more transparent.

Depending on the size of the bathroom and the chosen shade of blue, should be used more or less lighting devices on the perimeter.
In spacious bathroom made in dark blue, try to extend the lamps so that each of the functional areas received enough light, especially at night; bright shades of blue in a large bath make it possible to lower the pressure to use artificial sources, but all areas of the room should, nevertheless, be sufficiently lighted.

Small bathrooms, especially combined with the toilet, you should cover on the basis of what kind of lamps are paramount if you care about working lights, and all treatments for the appearance are made here, with an emphasis on high-quality lamps surrounding the mirror over the sink — main light can be installed as a single built-in source in the ceiling or trim a closed canopy.