BATHROOM DESIGN Ideas Design of a small bathroom

Small apartments — a perennial problem of post-Soviet structures. Even the bedroom area of 18 square meters at that time was considered normal, not to mention the bathroom. And it is this room «suffered» from the hands of the architects most. In this regard, today’s owners are interested in the question of how can be increased the bathroom?

Part of the problem can be solved by choosing the right style of interior. In this case, you should pay attention to such spheres as modern, minimalist and Japanese ethno-style. They are characterized by rational distribution of space, ease of use and minimum number of auxiliary items.

Style Contemporary
In this direction is welcomed the combination of bright colors and hard-compatible materials. Zoning of the room is widely used by designers (when the room is visually divided into several parts). Plumbing in this case should be placed functionally. In a small room it can be hidden in the wall to free up space.
In keeping with trends in modern style, you can choose for a bathroom a corner bath and walk-in shower of a small size. Do not forget about accessories, they must be of irregular shape. The advantage of this trend is that it can be used to create a unique interior of a bathroom without spending much money.

Minimalist style
It is characterized by clear simple lines, maximum space and minimum details. It is ideal for a bathroom with a small area. Bath or shower have to be a flat shape, if they are rectangular in shape, it should be with clear corners. In this case is not allowed an abundance of different tones. The interior of the room should be designed in multiple shades of one or two colors.
Do not be afraid to experiment with this style. By making a bath in this field it is difficult to make a mistake, because its name speaks for itself: a minimum of colors, a minimum of furniture and accessories.

Motives of Japan
Today is very fashionable to use in the bathroom a Japanese ethno-style. From its name, you can immediately understand that this is not cheap. After all, to create a room atmosphere of this country is necessary to use natural materials such as silk, rice paper and fine wood.
This style is characterized by such features as: conciseness, rigor, forethought. For it are used environmentally friendly materials and accessories that resemble Japan. If the owners of the apartments do not have a lot of money, in this case, they can choose materials with a reasonable price. To do this you need to buy a tile with a thematic picture (Sakura or Japanese traditional houses can be depicted on it).
You can personally make a painted glass candlesticks. They give the room a little romance. If the owner of the premises preferred the bath, not a shower, it is necessary to look for it a curtain ornamented with hieroglyphs.