BARBECUE GRILL Ideas.Oven barbecue design variants for all tastes

Logically, the barbecue must be combined with the basic structure of your home and do not go counter to the other buildings, which are present at the site or in the yard. If your landscape design is dominated by stone cladding, sidewalks and buildings made of natural stone, it would be quite logical to perform a barbecue area in the same way. As a result, the entire ensemble of buildings and necessary for the rest of attributes will look harmonious and attractive.

If your oven barbecue is located on the wooden platform or deck, you can arrange the space around the oven using wood. But remember the flammability risk and impregnated wood.

Successful and externally attractive option of facing of space around the stove for barbecue is to use conventional or clinker brick. By using different shades of this building and finishing material, you can create interesting color combinations and original design area for cooking and food intake.
If the facade of the main building and buildings of the yard are plastered and painted, the logical solution would be the integration of the barbecue area with the same finishing options and choice of colors.
If you have no yard or suburban area, and you want to cook for family and guests delicious meals in the open air as well as everyone, then we can consider the option of setting a fixed furnace, even within a small backyard or on a rooftop. Of course, in this case, you cannot avoid contact with the furnace one of the walls of the main building or annex to it, so the issues of security and fire-fighting will be sharper for you. Try to keep a fire extinguisher close at hand and do not forget to keep track of its expiration date.

For a contemporary style, gravitating to the style of hi-tech would be a logical option of facing barbecue area using minimalist design MDF panels with matte or glossy PVC film. Together with the glitter of the steel furnace cover the whole ensemble looks not only the mod, but also fresh, original.