Bamboo Rest House Design Philippines

How to apply a bamboo in an interior decor? The bamboo is not exotic from paradise islands today. It is used as finishing and construction material and an element of a decor in many countries for a long time. By the way, the bamboo symbolizes a symbol of growth, prosperity and the Japanese color. We suggest to get acquainted further with councils about correct using bamboo in an interior decor. Panels from a bamboo

It is about ceiling and wall panels. It is very fashionable trend in an interior decor. They are made of bamboo mats. Panels happen different; everything depends on a grade of a bamboo of which they were manufactured. Such original material combined with competent design is capable to change the house to unrecognizability. Pluses of such panels are that they are not afraid of mechanical loadings and the increased humidity. And therefore they can be used even in a sauna or in a bathroom.

Bamboo wall-paper. Bamboo Rest House Design Philippines

It is the real ageless classics. They are good by the fact that they create extraordinary warm, solar atmosphere in the house. Bamboo wall-paper does not lose the trade dress even after 10 years of operation. It is also very easy to look after it. Such wall-paper produced from the split stalks. Today wall-paper is made from an external and internal part of a trunk. Color scale of bamboo wall-paper starts from light — golden and straw to saturated dark (color of wenge).

Furniture from a bamboo. Bamboo Rest House Design Philippines

It is about stylish, vanguard and elegant furniture. It is made only manually, and therefore each subject is original and unique. Furniture from a bamboo will easily fit into any interior – from a country to hi-tech. Such furniture is good in the fact that it is not stratified, does not absorb water, does not burn out on the sun, is steady against difference of temperatures. Today chairs, tables, chairs, cases, racks and even the whole sleeping fonts are made from bamboo.

Accessories from a bamboo

Wattled baskets, frames for pictures and windows, original bamboo figurines. All these trifles can change any interior quickly. They are harmonious, decorate and enrich the room, but do not take all attention on them. Such warm wood structure of a bamboo will be pertinent everywhere. Even several sticks, of which the designer skillfully made a fantasy element of a decor, will be able to create the pleasant and cozy atmosphere. By the way, this feature is skillfully used by owners of cafe and restaurants.