Bahay Kubo House Design Philippines

Bokho style in an interior it is freedom of expression in which it possible to mix various styles safely, but at the same time the general design is stood in one color scale. In Bokho overloading an interior with the mass of the details and things creating at first sight absolute chaos is welcomed. Actually – all elements of a decor have to transfer your ambitions, character and interests. For this reason it is accepted to parade all darlings and expensive things. The main objective of Bokho is to inspire, excite the imagination, to disclose abilities, to motivate, literally — to call on a feat.

What distinguishes Bahay Kubo House Design in Philippines:

  • Rich bright natural colors.
  • Abundance of wood and textiles.
  • The stone floor covered with rugs.
  • NO to high technologies.
  • Lack of wall-paper, more often is just colored walls or plaster.
  • A combination of incongruous – colors, textures, styles.
  • Freedom of expression – abundance of scenery.
  • Green light to creativity – own works on walls.
  • Large number of plants.

Shades have to be bright and juicy, but the most natural. That means, if you plan a lot of red or green, it has to be not acid-scarlet or poisonous and lime, but the shade of natural berry and grass. Regarding combination: Bokho allows everything – any rules of three flowers, you are free to listen to the internal attitudes and to realize all rushes of soul.

Councils and secrets from designers for those who do Bokho by the hands:

There are any rules formally, but you should not forget about sense of proportion. Set of different styles should be maintained in uniform scale, just playing shades. General tone which is skillfully diluted with accents gives feeling of integrity of design.

Balance on the verge of impossible. You should not look for the courses training to creation of interiors in Bokho style, listen to the voice of the heart and rushes of soul, including simple habitual logic for secure.

Self-expression is the best ornament. Draw, knit, spin, embroider, write verses, insert them into frames and safely turn rooms into the museum.

Not everyone can understand all subtleties and delights of Bokho, but this style with an ulterior motive can exists out of time. The fashion comes and leaves, sometimes moves around, dictating the rules and subordinating to itself different interiors, but only not Bokho. This original style always saved the face and revolted against rules. In each of us lives a creative person and a few rebel, so why not to try to arrange bright life for yourself in Bokho style?