Backyard design ideas to inspire your dog

First of all — safety
Maybe, of course, dogs are direct descendants of wild wolves, but domesticated pets still require certain limits. You can give preference to full fencing of the yard or break space, say, two parts, leaving only available to pet one of them. Whatever you choose, the safety of the animal should be considered first.

Adding lanes
Dogs love to scour the area, as if constantly in the intense search for something. And the patrolling of the territory — their sacred duty. And you will surely be a pleasant stroll on a summer evening of beautifully designed paths under the spreading trees.

Install the cover that provides shade
Dogs suffer from the sun no less than men, and let it be known that they too can get sunburn, as well as sunstroke. The big tree or trees provide the animal a safe shelter from the scorching sun, but if you can not place the trees in the area due to, say, the lack of space, it is possible to use artificial shelters over at least part of a site.
And of course, do not forget about the booths. Oh, and the long path they have passed from elementary plastic boxes from which once it started, to the modern dog palaces. Buy a suitable residence for your pet can be in specialty stores and online stores.

Make sure that there are no toxic substances in the local area
And it’s not just about chemistry, because, as you know, many plants are dangerous, including for animals. For example, if the dog decides to taste azalea or a lily. It will be a big trouble. Be sure to interest of potential danger of the plant to humans and animals before taking them landing on your site. Incidentally, the materials used in landscaping may provoke the same problems. For example mulch. Without mulch in the garden cannot do, and the dog will be more pleasant to run on softer surface than on the bare ground. But be sure to monitor its origin — not the fact that it will suit your pet.

Remember about the danger of lures and traps for rats, snails and slugs — they can be fatal for the animal. And if you cannot do without them on the site you will have to constantly monitor that the dog does not have access to them. And do not forget that smart dogs can be incredibly resourceful, if they want to get to something that you have worked on them hide.

Make a place for games
Good dog — tired dog. If the dog does not throw energy in physical activity, wait for trouble, because somewhere it should do the same, right? Be sure to select a place where the dog can be worn like mad — it really makes her happy.