Back to Cocoon?

Whatever you say, but working day for the majority of the working population of our planet is divided into «before dinner» and «before leaving.» Say we wait for dinner, have a delicious dine — one from the food box carefully stuck out of the house, one in the cafeteria or a nearby cafe for reasonable price. And then what? That’s right! Any thoughts on that: to take a nap! Well, at least a quarter of an hour!
Incidentally, the Western bourgeoisie (read: large business owners) have gradually moving away from the stereotype «They just would not work!» and begin to relate to that notorious employee needs to take a nap after lunch with understanding. And to satisfy they install so-called sleeping capsule in their offices. The most successful are Japanese.

What is it about
The sleep capsule — is a special compact isolated sleeping place that in shape often resembles a cocoon, bubble or egg. Such forms are selected by manufacturers not accidentally. According to them, they most accurately give person a feeling of comfort, protection, if you want, akin to what we experience in the womb.

How to choose
Depending on the design capsules for sleep can be fully closed, allowing to be isolated, or may be partially open. Thus capsule’s insulating partitions, as a rule, are made of translucent material. This is to ensure that there is no oppressive feeling of enclosure. Often sleeping place is equipped in such a way that it allows you to hold your feet above the head, as recommended for the highest quality of the rest. An example of such a capsule can be a sleeping cocoon Metronaps.

As a rule, in any sleep capsule manufacturers install an audio system for listening to quiet relaxing music, a small adjustable horizontal or vertical sleeping place and an alarm clock not to sleep the whole day. The latter is designed in such a way that it announces the end of the relaxing rest with vibration and not with intrusive irritating ringing.
If there’s not enough space in the office, you can stop at the ergonomic capsule el Zulo. This is just a brilliant representative of the sleeping cocoon with vertical sleeping place.

Another enough compact version is the capsule Ovei. It is quite suitable as for the office and for the gaming center. After all, these capsules provide opportunity to connect inside game station.
Also most appropriate capsules for sleep are represented by brands Nemorelaxer (with soundproof partitions) and Armchair Paradise.