BACHELOR PAD LIVING ROOM Ideas.Living room of a bachelor.

Somehow, it is believed that a man without female supervision should live in a den. At best, a bachelor apartment seems meaningless jumble of computers, stereo, televisions and video game consoles with the ambiguous content of the posters on the walls, and the mountain of dirty dishes. But surely many of our readers have friends — bachelors, respecting comfort and style, comfort and the brutality of the home.

Living room — is a face of any home, especially of the modern bachelor’s lair. And even if you for you a perfect evening — is a sofa, huge TV and delicious pizza, exclusively men living room should look elegant. Combination of beauty and comfort, style and functionality is necessary. You should not try to be fashionable and extravagant. Strict lines and neutral colors will allow you to create an interior actual for many years.

In the first place put comfort
Do not forget you have to feel comfortable in your home. This is the place where we put to rest after a hard day. That place where you want to go back. The apartment, as if descended from the pages of the magazine, will give few pleasure.
If you like to receive guests, large modular sofa beds are ideal for you. This sofa will perfectly fit a crowd of friends. And after a noisy party, it will serve as an excellent bed. The original coffee table will add a cheerful tone.

About Light
In recent years, almost all designers advocate of natural light. There is an opportunity to expand the window? Do it. Especially if the view from the window itself can become an ornament to the apartment. Combine natural light with the strict or original lamps.

Selection of colors and materials
It is not necessary to use only neutral shades and clean lines to emphasize your masculinity. Do not hesitate to use bright colors and soft fabrics. The main thing is not to overdo.
Of course, in a pink room with ruffles and pillows under the dalmatians man will look ridiculous, but if you love comfort, who prohibits you to buy a soft plush sofa and hang pictures on the wall? Remember, you are setting up a home for yourself.