Assam Types House Roof Design.

Construction of the rooftop is the defining factor and the final stage of a type of construction. Therefore before starting a construction of the private house, it is necessary to consider as much as possible interesting options and modern samples of roofs, everything carefully to plan, choose the necessary materials, to decide on design of the building and only after that to begin construction.

Construction and design of flat coverings of private houses was widely used with use of modern technologies and materials. But it is worth to remember about observance of requirements of this type of a roof at the equipment and to ensuring due quality and the maximum term of operation.

Now there is a wide choice of ways for creation of a flat roof with popular styles of designs, architecture and design. It is possible to pick up quickly enough the interesting option which does not demand big financial expenses. Therefore it is considered to be that the device and construction of the wooden house with a flat covering is a favorable monetary investment. The design of this style promotes the minimum use of simple designs of a roof and an insignificant set of components.

It is much easier to carry out repair and service at a cattle covering and quicker. It is possible to do comfortably scheduled maintenance which is connected with antennas, flues as on a horizontal surface to be much more simply and more conveniently, than on an inclined surface.

Device of a flat roof:

  • 1 — covering plate;
  • 2 — vapor barrier;
  • 3 — heater;
  • 4 — expansion bolt shields;
  • 5 — fiberglass or geotextiles;
  • 6 — roof

One more advantage of private houses with Assam Type House Roof Design is allowing using the additional area, for example: to equip beautiful greenhouses, to install the equipment of sports equipment, it is also possible to build an arbor for rest and many other things.

For long functioning of roofs it is necessary to do periodically repair, it is competent and correct to conduct the additional work connected with use of construction material for the reliable and long term of operation.

If to speak about shortcomings, then first of all It is necessary to tell about a small bias of a design that leads to a congestion of rainfall, and it can negatively influence reliability of a roof of the private sector. Under such circumstances repair and others it is necessary to perform technical works with frequency, through a certain period.

Flat coverings have one significant shortcoming — it is the small design value which can add nothing new to a landscape of the private house as all that is on a surface, it is possible to see only from a height.