Artificial flowers in the interior 10 arguments for

Regardless of whether artificial or natural greenery decorates the room, the natural color of the room is provided. Even the Scandinavian style, preferring extremely quiet pastel shades will be grateful for natural vegetation. At the same time it is not necessary to burden yourself with the extra hassle associated with maintenance of the green inhabitants of apartment — artificial analogues of favorite plants can be planted in the elegant pots.

Expensive textiles with hand embroidery, furniture in Victorian style, classical chandelier and a round mirror in elegant frame — exquisite interior with a certain hint of theatricality will also need flowers. You can stop at their natural manifestation, and it is possible to collect a bouquet, which is dominated by matt, dusty shades — gray, pink, sage, lavender. The effect will be stunning, and the interior composition — complete and impressive.
Artificial flowers are attractive and comfortable, because you can not just lay them into the overall composition of the house, but also give them the necessary shade, while maintaining individuality. You adore hyacinths, but their diversity is contrary to the interior color preferences? You can dye fabric petals in mustard-yellow color and decorate the heart of your home with unusual bouquet.

Each room has its own corresponding flower decision. For example, romantic and elegant, usually round in shape bouquets in the German Biedermeier style will fit perfectly into a cozy living room or dining room setting. In a more stringent, clearly gravitating to the classics premises will be more suitable high composition of classic colors and decorative twigs.
Bedroom can be decorated with bouquets of delicate shades. Lilac, pink, blue, green or pale yellow flowers — much depends on the overall color scheme of the room. And for kitchen are suitable bouquets of wildflowers and hanging vines.

Floral decor for bathrooms, we do not even consider, because the room devoid of natural light, is not intended for such delicate creatures of nature. However, artificial flowers do not need the sun baths, and therefore, can make a floristic contribution to the home temple of purity adding elegance and genuine glamour to the austere interior. In order such a decor did not lost its aesthetic value for a long time choose materials that are not afraid of moisture.

Indoor plants are most attractive during the flowering period, and that is maximum four times a year. The rest of the time they are a scant reminder of the riot of color. Of course, you can hide the sad image of green pets with lush curtain, and you can add dynamics and color to them with artificial analogues, «extending» bloom until the formation of real flowering buds.
We’ll open a little secret: very common behind the large palm trees or vines are hiding uneven projections of walls or a heating pipe. So artificial plants can become a kind of natural veil that hides flaws of the interior from prying eyes.