Architectural House Design In Nigeria.

Exotic ethno interiors are always original, original since they are out of time. However, here too it is necessary to keep sense of proportion. Therefore if you are not absolutely ready to creation of the unusual Architectural House Design In Nigeria interior differing in unusual brightness, then as option, it is possible to use only its separate elements which, for example, are present at such styles in an interior as colonial and an art deco. And if nevertheless are ready to a difficult experiment, in that case, welcome to hot Africa!

At registration of an interior of the dwelling in the African style it is necessary to take common features which are caused by climatic features, natural, and also, the used materials as a basis. Usually designers take as a basis mix of interior components of dwellings of the people of Africa in different settlements. Thus, two ethnic styles from the all-African are usually distinguished: Egyptian and marrokan.

Before starting creation of the African style in an interior, it is necessary to decide on what costs the purpose: or the task consists in introduction of only several African picturesque shades into an interior or it will be the fullest repetition of the main characteristic features of the African dwelling. When the course is chosen, it is possible to start the embodiment of the idea.

If briefly, then such lines originality, a raciness, dynamism, vigor, an expression and contrast are. On the one hand there is a minimalism and simplicity of forms, on the other hand, the primitive in a decor and roughness in the invoice, at everything at the same time, is observed contrast and brightness of flowers in accessories and textiles. Usually the interior reflects a world picture therefore in it natural materials and natural shades are used. The abundance of objects of arts and crafts African art which are very primitive is welcomed.

Since in an interior of this style the reminder on the scorching sun, on sands in the desert and the impassable jungle is traced, and color scale respectively is defined by such shades as sand, brown, terracotta, orange, yellow, brick and even swampy green. It should be noted that the prevailing colors are yellow and brown (wood bark, the charred tree, a saffron, honey, baked milk, cinnamon, amber, etc.). In general colors in an interior have to be not just warm, and hot as air of Africa. It is also possible to meet also a combination of a black shade with fiery as a reminder on a fire, as well as colors of skins of the animals living in Africa. Careful introduction of blue shades, but only in small amounts and as accent is allowed. In other words, it is necessary to remember that all used tone were natural.