Possible options for the interior decoration of the aquarium
1. Artificial materials
With the help of artificial materials (which, actually, do not have such a wide variety of shapes and colors), you can create a wide variety of currently existing styles of interior decoration.
In fact, it’s so … artificial plants make it possible to simulate the desired composition to get the desired effect.
a. Underwater garden — Imitation of forest with paths, rocks and snags.
The main thing is to create depth in the composition, so that the landscape looked alive.
b. Snags — Imitation of underwater bottom.
It allows you to keep larger fish, giving them freedom of movement.
c. STONES — Imitation of grotto.
There may be used different types of stones.
The grotto can be in not standard colors, for example, somewhere in a beauty salon. You can beat the goldfish in the currently fashionable Japanese style.
g. artificial reef — style standing alone. — Bright and catchy look. Real (but not live) marine corals and shells are used.
d. To use the fantasy object in the design, depending on the tastes of the owners.
e. You can beat any animal, beautiful, beloved, and which prefer to live alone.
g. It is worth mentioning an option that will be the most interesting for designers of the interior … Aquarium — is a decor, moreover, unusual shape of the glass is used. A demanded option, the option is not for home aquarium but for office, restaurant, Internet — shop. It may be extended or narrowed (minimum 20 cm, especially if it has height of 1,5 m). The interior design in this case is chosen solely on the needs of the interior.
2. Live plants — underwater garden.
Preference is given to herbivorous gregarious small fish that will not dig into the ground and fight. And add fish — lovers of bottom lifestyle, preferring to suck driftwood and stems of plants, thus making a contribution to the maintenance of the biological balance of the environment.