A pond with fish for the garden.

Imagine a hot summer afternoon in the summer cottage. Hot and stuffy? What man wants? A man wants to water. What about if your hacienda is so far from the river or lake as to not tell? Output suggests itself — a pond, and even better a fish pond. How to proceed? You can, of course, purchase a ready-made one in stores and even ordered its installation, but we are not that kind of people — we will do it ourselves.

To start you need to determine the location. First, we take into account the fact if we pour it in the winter. If yes, then you need place on the hill. The valley is also not very good, since groundwater violate any waterproofing. Secondly, if you like to watch the pond from the window, it must be far from home. Third, the pond should be at midday in the shade of trees.
Now you can dig. Mark the coastline with a rope (circular, rectangular, curved) shovel thinned turf and remove it over the edge to the depth and width of about 30 cm. Then, from the central part of dig the soil to a depth of about one meter (if you do not wash away the winter, the depth should not be less than 1.5 m). Next, spread a pre-bought the film (regular or special thick plastic waterproofing reservoirs).

Carefully pour the water out of the tap, filling the pond slowly, until the surface there will be 5 cm. Carefully trim the edges of the film, leaving a strip of about 15 cm, which is then nailed to the ground with metal or wooden studs. Left edge of the pond can be tiled, red brick or natural stone, fastened together with mortar.

After the tap water is defended, you are ready to put the inhabitants there. First plants. It is best to use broad-leaved cattail, white water lily and iris marsh. They are not picky and take root easily. Of course, if you prefer, you can settle and water lily floating leaves which closes the water from the sun, preventing the growth of unicellular algae, a very «respectable» standing water, where they give a greenish tint.

Now fish. It is acceptable instead of goldfish or luxury carp «koi» to run in your pond and aquarium veiltail gold comets. Just keep an eye on them, which would be the neighbor’s cat they are not caught early. Feed the fish better special food. Good luck to you!