7 Marla House Design Pictures Front View

The bored interior is a problem of millions of people. Very often appearance of the dwelling becomes so boring and ordinary for perception that it directly influences mood and health, and not very positively. Many are solved on holding a renovation, some even do radical changes.

But actually these measures are not obligatory at all, it is only enough to add to an interior some details that it got shades of the western, east, African or some other style. In this article we will talk about how to introduce notes of the 7 Marla House Design Pictures Front View to the apartment, with it you will be helped by the Indian style.

Even some one insignificant detail is capable to focus attention on itself. So take a couple of things of the Indian style in an interior and place them in a modern situation.

It is possible to issue in the Indian style an interior any certain room in the apartment. Buy for it sound and functional, a little rough and florid Indian furniture, and the task will be actually solved. In general the furniture delivered from India quite qualitative.

Handicraftsmen often work on its production, applying manual skills so it is possible to speak also about an exclusivity of the bought objects. Legs of modern Indian furniture are often bordered with metal, but it is not a tribute of fashion at all, and only care of durability. Strips of metal provide to wood reliable protection against termites and a humid climate.

Hindus in life are inclined to use many objects not for designated purpose. It is possible to adopt also to us at them this manner, for creation of interior design in the Indian style. For example, the saddle of an elephant easily can be used as a table. Perhaps it will be not the most convenient table in the world, but its decorative qualities block everything. And in a bedroom various color pillows with the Indian motives and a canopy of east coloring will be pertinent.

Having taken cover behind a canopy and having arranged with pillows, you will feel the real Hindu. On a floor at the same time it is desirable to lay a colorful carpet with long pile. The Indian interior on a photo will show you much more, than just words.

From a drawing room too everything is quite simple. Walls are upholstered with fabric with the characteristic drawing, or on them wall-paper with silk-screen printing is pasted. A little table from ivory, a gilded cage with a parrot, bright textiles. All this will help to turn the room into small India.

In kitchen hang up curtains from the Indian sari, put characteristic metal ware, spread out various spices on regiments, hang up a color lamp, add a figure of an elephant — the kitchen in east style is ready!

As for flowers of registration, the Indian interior has deep and saturated colors, with abundance of gold shades. Only do not go too far in bright things — if to overload with them the room, then it will begin to press literally on you.

Well and the last stroke in interior design in the Indian style. Light several aromatic sticks, turn on the music with a game of polycrystalline glass and enjoy, you created the real India in the apartment!