7 beautiful ways to decorate house with autumn gifts of nature.

Autumn has competently and confidently come into its own. Autumn — one of the most beautiful and suitable season for decoration. After the fall itself provides us with everything you need: bright colors of leaves, ripe fruit sorts and the latest flowering plants. In order to let the house fall, not necessarily to buy anything. Bouquets of autumn leaves, autumn wreaths and small installations of fruits and berries, candles and garlands of leaves — all this can be done without much effort.

Today we consider the ideas for decor with the help of the crop — try to use fruits, gifts of nature and autumn flowers to decorate the house.

1. Fruits
Paradise apples often used for decorative purposes, these little fruit is small and light enough to hang on the line with chandeliers and elegant enough, that would be self-sufficient decoration on the dining table. Along with miniature apples are suitable for decoration and any other apples of them can be the autumn compositions and combine them with other seasonal fruits. For example, will look great in autumn composition of ripe pears and pomegranates. In the matter of decoration are no restrictions for autumn decorations you can use any fruit that you like.

2. Chestnuts, acorns and nuts
Walking through the autumn woods or park, you should carefully watch your step, because this is where the most attentive able to find a basis for its handicrafts. For example, the cones can be made original napkin rings. Acorns and nuts, and a place on the holiday table — they can decorate cloth, placed in a glass vase or simply spread out on a tablecloth in a random order. At the same time they can be painted with gold or silver paint. You can also put in a glass candlestick gifts of nature — nuts or acorns and put in the middle of a large candle.

3. Golden berry
Due to the interesting property, namely, to be kept for several months without water, decorative golden berry is perfect for home decoration with fall. Decorative golden berry in the interior — the perfect reminder of the warm summer days. The fruits of golden berry with gilded petals will be an excellent decoration and gifts made with their own hands.

4. Chokeberry
Red and black chokeberry — perfect material for the fall decor, these berries can be decorated with a wreath on the door, make small wreaths to decorate candlesticks or add a few branches in the autumn bouquet, which later should decorate the dining table or the area near the fireplace.

5. Cereal
A few spikelets of wheat or other cereals collected in a bouquet, will be a real decoration for the holiday table. This option decor symbolizes a good harvest, and have long been used to decorate homes.

6. Pumpkin
With pumpkins people decorate tables and stairs, include to the interior ensembles and floristic compositions, decorated with wreaths, candlesticks and chandeliers. It is possible to paint or carve designs on it, without any hard to imagine a pumpkin autumn composition.

7. Corn
During the autumn period corn cobs are dried and used for interior decoration. This can be a decoration on the door or a wreath in the house, after the corn can decorate with different colors.