Choice of color for the living room in different styles.

Classical living room
Living room in classic style — it is self-restraint and dignity in all its forms. Thus, the surface of the walls and the ceiling should be very neutral: white, cream, beige, light gray, light blue, pale pink, warm milk, etc. Parquet on the floor is better to use of natural shades of oak, walnut, beech.

Art Deco in the living room
Be prepared for the fact that in Art Deco living room you will have to work hard to show the true features of the style. Here you should use sophisticated shades, consisting of different colors, such as brown and silvery-purple, blue and blue-green, black with a hint of burgundy, and many similar.

American style of living room
White is a major and leading color in the interior of a living room with features of American style. Also, in a large number may be used shades (ivory, cream, eggshell), which are used in painting the ceiling, wall panels, window frames and casings.
For walls, choose neutral shades of paint and wallpaper color, but some pieces of furniture can be brighter (upholstery of the chairs, table decor, carpet and paintings). Flooring should also be done in natural colors: boards of natural color, beige or gray tiles.

Minimalism in the living room
Functionality of objects, and not beauty — this is the condition in which you can create a minimalist interior. If you seek to re-create the features of the style in the living room, remember, it must differ with free space, only necessary items of furniture and ample lighting.
The palette of colors in the living room in style of minimalism doesn’t differ with complex transitions of one shade to another, here the whole environment should be calm and simple, neutral, using black and white, gray, beige, but contrast is also in small items of decoration.

Contemporary style of the living room
In the interior based on the motives of contemporary style, in principle, there is no specific guidance on the use of certain colors. It is only necessary to note that the range of colors, basically, should be neutral, black and white, but at its background, you have the right to apply beautiful bright colors in the decor items.
So, for upholstered furniture, choose practical tones: dark blue, chocolate, slate, gray, marsh. In the interior of contemporary would be successful combination of these colors with light pastel shades for the walls, floor and ceiling, but when it’s turn for accessories — do not be shy, look for blankets, vases, pillows and decorative trinkets of rich colors.