60 Sqm House Design Philippines

Not each person will be able to sell the apartment in the city and move for its line to a silent and cozy lodge. It can be caused by the most various cause among which there is also a material reason or too long distance to the workplace. However, there is a remarkable option which can be pleasant to everyone, it is the small lodge where it is possible to spend vacation and the days off together with the family. In this article will be presented planning of 60 Sqm House Design Philippines

Coming to it only in certain days you will be able to enjoy silence, coziness and tranquility. Days off or a small holiday will be enough to relax and forget about the problems. Other important plus of accommodation in the country is considered to be in unification with the nature. Harmony with the environment is one of important points to which each person has to aspire.

The entrance to the house begins with a small porch (9,6 sq.m), and on the other hand there is verandah. It represents the glazed part of the building which is never heated. Also serves in order to give to all house more beautiful and complete appearance. It is possible to arrange a small winter garden or to make a workshop in it.

In this project of the house used the brick verandah. Why from this material? The brick represents practically the most reliable and durable material for construction. Such verandah, usually, is not afraid of moisture also it will not be required to conduct care of its walls constantly. In the summer in it will not be hot more likely on the contrary, cool. In winter season here has to reign warmly as the project considers warming of walls.

Having entered the house, you get to absolutely small hall (3,8 sq.m) from which it is possible to pass to the hall or in a drawing room. But we will begin with kitchen. Its area makes 11 sq.m therefore for registration the P-font which will be used to save space. The dining table and chairs will be located outside a font.

The project and planning of kitchen in the house will be submitted in light tones as the space is not enough to use dark shades. It is known that dark colors «absorb» space. Light arrives from two windows of the average size in the afternoon. In night-time it is necessary to use artificial sources of light.

The following room is drawing room which area is 28 sq.m. This place was always considered as the central part of the house, and in this project too. This biggest room in all house. In all structure planning reigns in style minimalism therefore even the drawing room is arranged also. Such style includes existence of a stretch glossy ceiling as it allows to increase the space sizes visually. Material of which it is made is eco-friendly, looks as new even after long use, with its help it is possible to bring light and air in the room.

It is worth using light to increase the room visually. For example, the chandelier can carry out not only the main role (lighting), but also can become an original object which considerably emphasizes any element of all interior.