6 of the most creative ideas for decorating private yard.

In the summer there is nothing better than spending time in the country site. Fresh air, sunshine and gentle nature have to rest completely! And that time has been spent not only useful but also enjoyable, you can do the decoration of his private courtyard. A little imagination, and your land will not be like the others — you can make out of it and a mysterious forest, a fairy tale — especially like this option for your child. There are plenty of ideas for decorating the suburban area, the most interesting of them are collected for you so you can choose the most interesting and implement!

1. The old car as a pot for flowers
Now you can find a lot of very old, rusty machinery, which is long overdue in the dustbin. Take one of these yourself — because it can get very creative composition in your yard. Suffice it to properly secure the ground — and can be planted directly on the machine a variety of unpretentious garden flowers!

2. The unusually cropped bushes
Boring bushes and glades already are not popular, but if you have on a site green figures of a bush. Such cropped bushes look very unusual, and care for them is not difficult! If you plant a special suitable for this plant, the first cut is better to entrust the professionals, but the more you’re able to do it yourself.

3. Composition of flower pots
Old flower pots, too, find a place in your yard, so do not rush to throw them away. You can make an excellent garden composition, if you put a little imagination! Settle in your area of unusual men of the pots that will surprise all your guests.

4. The fountains in the yard
Fountains can be a wonderful decoration of private homes and land if creatively approach to this issue. There are plenty varieties of fountains, but it is most naturally look of stone fountains that really fit in the overall situation. Create a fountain easy — just right to bring the pipe to the street, and make the valve. But the decoration of the fountain — it’s up to your imagination!

5. Stone Garden
Ornaments made of stone is now the most popular in the private courtyard — in fact care for such stone beds minimal, and the beauty is preserved for a long time. Make this technique and landscape design can be done yourself, you just have the imagination and the desire to embellish your yard. And of course, the stones of different colors and textures!

6. Roof gardens
In Europe very popular now so-called gardens on rooftops. Many domestic landscape designers also adopted this idea. For the establishment of vegetation on a roof using the same plant as that for the creation of living green walls. But many prefer to plant the simplest shrubs and small trees. Watching such a roof is very unusual!