6 ideas on how to make the kitchen unique.

1. Select the leitmotif
Pick items that reflect this theme. Here are some great traditional kitchen motives of fruits, berries or vegetables (such as strawberries or corn); chickens or cows (especially if you want to make the kitchen in a French country-style); sunflowers; coffee; vintage posters. All the decor elements are selected in this motif. But the main thing is not to overdo. They should not be intrusive.

2. Kitchen decorations
Cleverly chosen beautiful instruments and accessories can add a special charm to your kitchen. Relive the cold smooth granite and stainless steel beautiful pepper mills or outdated handmade coffee grinders, coffee makers, pharmacy scales with tiny little weights. Embalmed herbs and spices in beautiful bottles, a marble mortar with pestle, porcelain bowls filled with heads of garlic, etc. can also give some organics. The main thing — not to restrain your imagination.

3. Create compositions
Different installations can give kitchen a practical and pleasing view. Set near the coffee maker set of cute cups corresponding to the sugar bowl and a pitcher for cream. And, you can also place a wooden stand for knives and breadbox near the beautiful maple cutting board. You can make several such vignettes if the dimensions of the kitchen allow to take a part of the working surface.

4. Show the best
In Europe beautiful design of items of daily use is generally accepted. Do not be afraid to put a designer kettle or pots and pans of known manufacturers in the most prominent place. And ergonomic devices are as beautiful as comfortable.

5. A special place for decorations
This place is just as important in the kitchen as in any other room in your house. Try to decorate a shelf or a decorative cornice moldings and put there cups, bowls, or even a picture in a frame. If you are lucky with niches in the wall or part of the wall where you can make them, use it to put a flower in a tall vase or a graceful statue.

6. Do not lessen the artistic details
It is important to place works of art away from wet or greasy areas, such as stove. An alternative to prints, sculptures and paintings can be children’s drawings in the framework (replacing the old-fashioned beautiful drawings on the refrigerator by a magnet) or a series of family photos.