50 Sqm House Design Philippines

Any project demands serious and thorough approach in which all ideas lean on a practical platform. It is necessary to pay attention to features of the apartment when you choose an optimum way of registration. It is possible to use niches, ledges, specifics of planning, an arrangement of walls in a positive side.

Preservation of free space plays an important role too. Therefore classical styles which include many light shades perfectly suited for registration of the apartment of 50 Sqm House Design Philippines . And also modern styles, such as hi-tech, minimalism, the loft, eco, with their geometrical forms, unusual decisions on lighting and monophonic surfaces will be suitable.

The project will be interesting when a surface of various pieces of a complete kitchen, together with the lunch place, have glossy, or mirror structure. Also the elements made of glass will not prevent. Such design of studio will help to make less noticeable large-size household appliances. The tulle transparent curtain will provide more access to daylight that will strengthen visual expansion of the kitchen room.

The glossy white facade of hinged kitchen cases and table for cooking of food will be successful option. Mirror doors are capable to make the refrigerator almost invisible. For studio it is possible to include transparent glass partitions which will have the unusual form in the project.

The isolated rooms as a rule are the bedroom and a drawing room. Their main advantage is existence of the separate window openings which successfully located in relation to an entrance door. Such room looks more spacious, especially, merging between kitchen and drawing room. This project is considered rational because it opens more opportunities for favorable use of available living space.

Creating full-fledged design of studio in which it is necessary to achieve harmony of the general style, it is necessary to pick up the correct color scale. On the average area of 50 sq.m, it defines perception of all space, and also forms psychologically favorable atmosphere. It is possible to create the interesting project in which various styles will be combined. Especially, if ceilings have considerable height, and they are near a 3-meter mark. It allows to change borders of height of floors and to do many-tier false ceilings.

The lighting combination, game on contrasts of shades, multilevel transitions will help to avoid discomfort feeling and feeling of narrowness.