5 ways to save space in the apartment.

The owners of small apartments face a known problem — the lack of free space. And to solve it is sometimes very difficult. On the one hand, you want to place everything necessary in a small room, make it comfortable and functional. On the other hand, cluttered space can not be called a comfortable and visually appealing. What we can do in such a difficult situation? What to donate? Interior designers say that even the smallest apartment can be both beautiful and functional. To create such an interior, use our advice.

Pocket door
Many people believe that the sliding doors are installed exclusively in closets. They are very convenient and allow you to place the objects of interior in the vicinity of the wardrobe systems and cabinets. But the pocket door — it is also a great way to save space. Unlike standard interior doors that open into a room and take a place near the wall, such models are hidden in the wall itself, or installed along it.
Doubtless advantage of sliding doors is that you can put against a wall cabinet or socle, shoe rack or table. Save space with a minimum of cost. In addition, the pocket door has an interesting look in any interior. They can be made invisible, blending with the walls, or specially highlight with color or texture. A wide choice of materials can help you to find exact door, which is suitable to the style of interior design, and will be combined with furniture and decoration of the room.
Another advantage of these models — their safety. It is almost impossible to get hit on such door. They are virtually silent and cannot be opened from the draft.

Furniture transformer
If there is not enough valuable square meters to accommodate all the necessary interior subjects, then think about whether you can replace a few things with one. Transforming furniture has long won the hearts of owners of small apartments. Sofas become full beds, and small coffee tables are converted into a large dining table. Transformers are very convenient, because you can use as an option that you need at the moment, and if necessary, refer to other options.

Do not underestimate the furniture on wheels. A small space can be mobile. Today, you work at a desk in one corner, and tomorrow move to another. Chairs and tables on wheels will allow you to change the arrangement of furniture without any effort. This is very important even for those apartment owners who regularly take house guests. Designers recommend them to get folding furniture. Stools and chairs instantly become necessary seats. As soon as the need for them will disappear, folding furniture can be removed on the balcony or in the closet.

Using angles
Very often people underestimate the functionality of their apartments. The angular space in the room is rarely used, since it seems inconvenient. In fact, it is much more spacious than you think. Corner cabinets, for example, visually take up much less space than usual. At the same time they have a greater capacity. You can add shelves to such a side cabinet or to connect it with a standard module so that it did not look lonely and fit into the overall composition.

Also note the angular desktops, where there is a place not only for monitor or laptop, but for a table lamp, stationery and even books. Or on the corner sofas.