5 interesting ideas for table decoration for Halloween.

The night before All Saints’ Day from October 31 to November 1 — the most mysterious night of the year — Halloween. And let this feast is not a state, and we heard about it recently, but is not this another reason to originally decorate the house or organize a party? For us, unlike the Americans, Halloween does not have any special symbolic value, but it is a great opportunity to extraordinary evening and have some fun with friends.
In today’s article we suggest to familiarize with some ideas of serving a festive table in the spirit of Halloween.

The idea №1. Use Halloween colors — orange and black
The traditional colors of Halloween — bright orange and black. Also used a combination of gothic black and white or red, less often dark green and purple.

The idea №2. Adding gothic elements in decor
Let’s try to use for serving unusual glasses, black rings on napkins, old books, candle and skull, put at the head of the table. Excellent will look black cloth, it will add «flavor» to the decoration of serving.

The idea №3. Decorate the table with pumpkin — an invariable attribute of Halloween For a more modest version of the table is suitable autumn servings. You can paint a pumpkin and dried flowers with gold paint and put in the center of the table. You can cut your own pumpkin, and then set it as the central composition. Will add mood lit candle, set inside the pumpkin.

The idea №4. Use stuffed birds and insects
For appointments, you can use a stuffed crow or bats, as appropriate for the event will be homemade spiders and cobwebs. Here, the main rule — know when to stop, you should consider how your guests are suspicious, after all these decorations may be inappropriate for the holiday table. The surroundings should be thematic and original, but not to spoil the appetite of guests

The idea № 5. Implement new ideas: Owls
If you celebrate Halloween not the first year, you probably want to do some new and original decor. Pumpkins, ghosts, witches — the traditional symbols of the holiday already pretty bored. Another thing is the owl. These nocturnal birds are perfect for creating a mysterious atmosphere and will emphasize the unusual occasion for meetings and parties. Visit the shops of decor and you will surely find candle holders in the form of owls, owl napkins with images and more.