Country house in Alpine style
For those who appreciate the quality factor in a country house, comfort and functionality, is suitable a cottage in Alpine style. Construction of a country house or cottage for the modern man — is usually a way to escape from city life and relax body and soul. A spacious recreation room, a large kitchen — a dream of citizen living in the dull standard apartment.

The best traditions of construction of suburban housing are included in what is now called home in style. Fireplace was traditionally used for heating in such a house, and still chimney remains an indispensable element of a country cottage in an Alpine style. Inside, the house is finished using environmentally friendly natural materials, the color palette of the interior should be in natural shades used, in the design are used rustic embroidery, peasant utensils, raw wood panels. Floors and stone fireplace — is another detail, appropriate in the interior of the Alpine style. The atmosphere of a country house in «chalet» style always has maximum functionality. Old photos and various souvenirs will give coziness to the premises.

Currently, application of modern building materials for the construction and decoration of a country house in alpine style is practiced, which greatly reduces the material costs for the construction, not impairing the characteristics of the climate stability.
Alpine country house style is currently very popular. Modern man is tired of the hustle and stress of the city, and the house in «chalet» style creates security and psychological comfort.

House in the style of constructivism
Constructivism, born at the beginning of the last century, has not lost its relevance today. Modern industrial design, urban architecture, private western architecture — everywhere you can see the influence of constructivism, born in Russia. In Russia in private architecture constructivist motives are not clearly visible, but in the West, this style has become firmly established in the arsenal of modern architects and designers who design homes and interiors.
The main difference of constructivism in architecture and interior — clean lines, minimalism in details and a strongly marked performance of houses and interiors. Interiors in the style of constructivism, first of all, is naked unadorned functionality and additional details that do not bear the functional load.

Curiously enough, buildings, performed in the style of constructivism, perfectly fit into the environment. This is when it comes to country houses. With urban architecture it is more complex. Often constructivist «masterpieces» tear the existing architectural landscape of the city and look to put it mildly, strange.

Building with a touch of constructivism fit well in the natural landscapes. And it is not only the merit of the architects. If we recall the basic trend of style — minimalism and functionality, it becomes clear why such purely functional buildings look good in natural landscapes. Nature is a supporter of minimalism.