3 Bedroom House Design In Nigeria.

The one-storage house with 3 bedrooms has advantages before a two-storage construction by the availability for the people with limited mobility and children.

In addition many owners of the land plots prefer construction not of huge multistoried cottages, but small cozy lodges on one floor. This article will tell you how to make the project of the one-storage house on the example of 3 Bedroom House Design In Nigeria.

Projects of one-storage houses with 3 bedrooms are adapted to the modern world.

Their planning provides daily comfort to all family.

The plan of the one-storage house with three bedrooms includes:

Drawing room is the biggest room. Here located special offices in walls where will be situated cases and the TV. There is an exit from a drawing room to the garden.

Kitchen: there is a storeroom and a big window by means of which it is possible to watch for the children who are in the yard.

Three bedrooms, but it is possible to attach one more on the attic.

Spacious corridor through which is possible to pass to every room.

Between a drawing room and kitchen situated the fireplace which is connected with heating system.

There are bathroom and a big bathroom in the utility room.

How to increase functionality of the house?

The drawing room calculates taking into account all members of the family and the maximum number of guests.

The size of kitchen is planned from the point of view of its functionality. Here it is necessary to consider need of convenience of cooking.

The mass of nuances is considered at distribution of rooms by the sizes, therefore it will not turn out to acquire projects of one-storage houses with three bedrooms for free. The owner of the site can understand the basic principles and review examples, but professional designer has to calculate everything by himself.

The most widespread associations can be:

  • Combination of a bathroom.
  • Drawing room and kitchen, or the dining room and kitchen.
  • Boiler room and storeroom. Though such option is wrong, but often meets in houses.