3 Bedroom Bungalow House Design Philippines.

Style of a bungalow will help you to create a heavenly spot in the apartment or the private house. This is original interior direction which combines several features which are not combined, at first sight.

By means of 3 Bedroom Bungalow House Design Philippines it is possible to increase the small territory of the room visually. Therefore it is especially appreciated for apartments or houses with a small area.

Initially the name of a bungalow was understood as the Indian one-storage house with a straw roof. It differed in simplicity of registration, the small area that created coziness for good rest.

Earlier planning of an interior in style of a bungalow assumed placement of a bedroom, kitchen and the dining room around one big room. Today it is also main idea which is used by designers at registration of an interior in such interesting style.

Where the bungalow looks better?

In style of a bungalow it is possible to present any house, the apartment, a cottage, including restaurant, cafe, office and even shop. The main thing to remember all subtleties of registration of rooms.

Such direction all will be suitable for housing on the seashore or the rivers best of all as the beautiful view from windows is also feature of this style.

Despite similarity with a country, ethnic or colonial styles, a bungalow has the features:

presence of low ceilings is an indispensable condition at registration of an interior. It is connected with the fact that houses of Indians never differed in high ceilings. Therefore designers use a horizontal orientation, presenting the room wider.

Lack of ladders in the house or a cottage is considered as an important point. They encumber space that is not acceptable for a bungalow. Therefore style is applicable for one-storage constructions.

The situation of homeliness and heat has to reign in rooms. It is possible to achieve it by using natural materials.

Rationality in space also plays an important role. Each room is made out with the maximum use of the territory and has to look simply, without excesses.

It is acceptable the minimum quantity of pieces of furniture. The free space is occupied only by beds, tables, chairs. And furniture for storage is chosen built-in. At the same time each product has to differ in lightweight.

Lack of unnecessary accessories is one of features of style too. The interior of rooms can be decorated, but it is worth to use the necessary accessories made manually and of natural materials. It can be textile things, ware with ethnic motives, a cache-pot with flowers.

Walls of rooms made out of decorative plaster, wall-paper with ethnic patterns.

Windows of the dwelling can be presented by different form and the sizes. But it is desirable that they were big, reaching a floor. It is possible to decorate windows with blinds, rolled curtains, curtains.