2 Floor House Elevation Design.

If in your private house has second floor, then it would be strange not to use these square meters on advantage to a family. The drawing room, a bedroom, the room for guests, wardrobe, an office or even an additional bathroom – opportunities for arrangement of a 2 Floor House Elevation Design are limited only to your desire, requirements and the size of the budget on reconstruction. We bring to your attention an impressive selection of design projects of registration of the mansard and garret spaces caused by needs of their owners.

Bedroom on an attic – it is practical, conveniently, esthetically

Arrangement of a bedroom indoors which ceiling is formed by a duo-pitch roof are the best of options. In sleeping space you will be to carry out in horizontal position the most part of time when height of ceilings and their bevel has not such crucial importance. On many attics there is not enough place to place a full-fledged drawing room or the room for children. And here the bedroom of owners or the room for guests is capable to become comfortable additional space of your dwelling.

In case of existence of quite spacious mansard room, it is possible to equip the bedroom calculated for two the person. The beds put in zones with the greatest bevel of a ceiling will save useful space for pass on which it will be possible to go to the utmost without any discomfort.

In the spacious room of a penthouse it is possible to organize not just a bedroom, and the multipurpose station containing a wardrobe zone and a workplace besides a berth. Embedding of a wardrobe complex around an entrance door on all space from a floor to a ceiling allows to save useful space of a bedroom significantly. And the desktop in a zone of a boudoir can be used also as toilet.

For cardinal transformation of an old attic in an elegant bedroom it is difficult to think up more graceful design approach, than use of snow-white finishing. One of problems of garrets, is bad illumination besides irregular shapes and ceilings with big bevels. As a rule, it is necessary to be content with the window (or windows) located on a building pediment. For this reason the garret space so needs the light finishing, snow-white and glossy surfaces capable to reflect a sunlight.

One of the basic rules of visual expansion of space is «a dark bottom, white top». The bedroom with a dark floor covering and snow-white walls which often sharply pass into a ceiling, will seem more, than it is actually. Ceiling beams from wood in tone to a floor board or a parquet will become original addition, accent and a part of a design.

Drawing room in the mansard room

For garrets with a window in a roof process of arrangement of a drawing room becomes simpler. The room is filled with a sunlight and you release, at least, one wall on a building pediment. This free plane can be used under arrangement of a video zone or to establish an artificial fireplace. And in space with the smallest height of a ceiling to establish sofas and chairs. Light finishing, couple of bright accents and even small space under the roof will look attractively, cozy and modern.