100 Square Meter House Design Philippines

The 100 Square Meter House Design Philippines on the site figures prominently, than the building of the same area, but with two floors. However such option is more preferable to a family with children or with relatives of old age, disabled people because it is safer, more convenient.

the ladder which conduct on the second floor would take away useful area.

But there are also other advantages of such building.

  • Useful area is enough for accommodation of a family from 4 or even 5 people.
  • House cleaning is facilitated.
  • The design of all rooms of the house can be executed in one style.
  • The house of is warmed faster and longer keeps heat.
  • The base does not need additional strengthening as it has to maintain only one floor.

The house 10×10 is considered as the house of the average sizes. Besides it is one-room. And, despite all its advantages, you can’t apart external walls to allocate one room.

Therefore it is worth deciding initially what rooms in the house are necessary and without what it is possible to do.

  • The drawing room is necessary. It is not a master’s bedroom, it is the place of collecting all family. You should not neglect this room. We allocate most spacious room for it.
  • The quantity of bedrooms depends on the family size. The young family can extend soon therefore there has to be at least 2 bedrooms.
  • If area allows, kitchen can be the dining room at the same time. Even on the area of 10-13 sq.m both the zone of cooking, and a lunch set will be located.
  • Bathroom is one of the most necessary technical rooms.
  • It is possible to do the room for clothes without certain room. Put sliding wardrobes from a floor to a ceiling. It will solve a problem of placement of things. The dryer is not obligatory.
  • The boiler room is necessary only if houses have to be warmed, steam heating is established. But the majority of families uses double-circuit coppers, gas heating and establish heat-insulated floors. Therefore need for this room disappears and the additional quadrature is released. And just under the storeroom or a bathroom.
  • Terrace. It is possible and refuse, but there is no wish.

It is possible to make a residential zone is more spacious by changes in planning:

  • To make a bathroom combined.
  • To make a part of rooms adjacent and separate. And to increase any of them.

at the expense of the hall area.

  • To unite kitchen with the dining room and/or a drawing room.
  • To use a boiler room both as the storeroom and as the dryer.
  • The kitchen should not be small or very big. First of all think of its functionality.