10 Original Project Ideas of Gated Pools.

Swimming pool in a private house — is in itself quite a unique phenomenon. And if to have a creative approach to its creation, you can get the original design and functional space, which will be the pride of the house. We invite you to acquaint with excellent ideas of swimming pool projects in our material.

1. Swimming resort with salt water, waterfalls and gardens. Gated pool in a private house — it is a complex system that requires time-consuming maintenance. But if to realize it, you can get the tropics at home all year round.

2. Surreal pool. Popular among designers basin project — the creation of «world in a world.» The idea is embodied in the life of a magical space where the owners of the house will be able to hide from the madding crowd and routine life and to have rest.

3. «Night» pool. Lovers of outdoor activities can build a swimming pool, where the emphasis will be on the lighting. Multipoint wall lights, LED ceiling simulating a starry sky, as well as a luxurious Jacuzzi, a modern sauna — and here, at your home your own Vegas!

4. 2 in 1: The swimming pool and gym. If the pool is paramount is considered as a place for sports, then why not complement this fitness facilities? Let the room be adapted for water treatment, and for running, and riding on a stationary bike, and exercise with dumbbells.

5. Perfect classic pool. Adherents of the classics can create a pool with the room, the interior of which still argue with the living room for the best. In this case, the project of pools should include expensive chandelier with candelabra, furniture with filigree trim tiles with elegant floral patterns.

6. «warm» pool. After a swim in the pool many people want to escape to bask in the shower or sauna. But it’s much nicer to be out of the cold water to dip in the Jacuzzi, or even better — sit by the fireplace.

7. Pool with a twist. The project of the pool may be traditional, but with the inclusion of any particular detail that will make the room special. For example, for the realization of this idea will be suitable the creation of the glass art installation on the bottom of the pool.

8. «Nostalgic» pool. You might be especially impressed by one of your trips to overseas countries, and you did not want to leave? Then for the pleasant memories, create a piece of favorite terrain at home: let it be Moroccan style pool, Japanese, Indian or whatever.

9. Pool-winter garden. The room for bathing can be combined with room for relaxing and admiring the beauty of the winter garden. Let the pool deck in this case has a non-standard form, with her adorn boulders, pebbles and sea live plants and tropical rain dripping from above.

10. Pool-transformer. The project of the pool may include interesting and practical design feature — a sliding roof. Thus, the indoor pool will be easy to transform into outdoor.